About Us

What is Foodlinq?

Foodlinq is a unique platform that always keeps you in mind. We help you to discover, order and share meals & deals with friends. Each time an order is placed through our platform, Foodlinq provides a meal to local charities.

Our website and mobile app fosters an environment of sharing via social networks. Our features include:

  • Access to restaurant menus.
  • Placing orders
  • Receiving discounts & rewards
  • Writing & reading reviews

The Foodlinq Story

Have you ever tasted food so mouthwatering that you just couldn’t resist telling a friend? Well, Foodlinq was created just for you!

Foodlinq was inspired by the tantalizing scents, sizzling dishes and mouth watering bites often found at your local restaurants. With you in mind, we developed a superb platform designed to satisfy the curiosity of your stomach. Foodlinq was founded on the mission to promote purchase, loyalty and advocacy.

Developed with the dream of eradicating global hunger, Foodlinq aims to unite communities through the love of food. We’re also firm believers that no good deed goes unnoticed, so we ensure to give you discounts and rewards in exchange for sharing discounts and donating to charity.

Our operation surpasses the efforts of traditional food hubs by ensuring that we empower our consumers and restaurants to eradicate hunger in their local communities. Did we mention that we do this with very minimal effort?

Foodlinq’s all-inclusive nature allows users to share, view and sample the best cuisines around town with purchases transforming communities into food-rich societies. The energy of Foodlinq is continuously driven by and for its users, so remember, wherever you are, whatever your taste is, we always have you in mind.

What to Eat? (Foodlinq Search)

Let’s admit, we’ve all experienced those nights when there is no food in the fridge and you can’t face the last-minute grocery store rush again. Stop denying the hunger for food and use the Foodlinq search today!

Whether it’s a sweet treat for dessert, sushi or tacos, a Foodlinq search can always help you find the perfect solution in seconds. You can even find all the details you need to make a table reservation at some of the best restaurants and in your local area—so there’s to impressing that date!

The joy of using Foodlinq is that it is as simple as clicking a few buttons. Simply enter your criteria, check the reviews to make sure it’s exactly what you want, then arrange a pick-up time. No more last minute shopping battles for you ever again! With our Foodlinq search, you can easily view lists of socially conscious and friendly restaurants, takeaway shops, cafes and bars.

Join the Discussion

Foodlinq thrives on feedback. Be sure to leave reviews about the food you’ve sampled through us. Tell your friends about how you’ve helped tackle hunger and how they can help too. Together we can grow local food networks and reward the talents of truly talented chefs.