1. What is Foodlinq?

Foodlinq is a platform that helps you to discover, order, receive and share meals & deals at your favorite restaurants. For each meal ordered through our platform, Foodlinq donates a meal to a local charity. With just a few taps, you can locate socially-conscious restaurants, takeaway shops, cafes and bars of any kind. With Foodlinq, you can place orders, use your discounts, redeem your rewards, and see your direct impact on your local community, all at your fingertips!

2. How do I get these discounts?

Each restaurant has a unique offer. When you refer friends to a restaurant, you will receive a “flinq” for each confirmed purchase. For example, if a restaurant offers 50% off for inviting a friend and you invite 4 friends, you can eat at that restaurant 4 times at 50% off each time! Your friends get this benefit when they share with their friends as well!

3. How do I get rewards?

You can receive rewards by sharing restaurants with friends and making multiple purchases at restaurants.

4. How can I participate in charitable giving with Foodlinq ?

It’s simple. Eat and tell your friends about restaurants you think they would enjoy. Foodlinq donates a meal to charity with each purchase you’re and your friends make - no effort necessary, we’ve got you covered!

You can also track it here:


5. I am a restaurant Owner. How do I sign up?

Congratulations! Let’s work to grow you business. Send an email to info@foodlinq.com with your name and phone # and we’ll contact you with next steps.